Roblox Jail Tycoon Codes List (Updated)

You can find all up-to-date Roblox Jail Tycoon Codes here. Moreover, we also will guide you step by step to redeem them to get some in-game rewards.

Welcome to part 2 of my Roblox Jail Tycoon review, where we’ll look at additional code for an upcoming game known as Roblox 2021. This is the prequel to the popular Roblox platform game, which was so popular in its early stages that it spawned many follow ups, such as Roblox Cube and Roblox Sea. The newest game in the series is Roblox Jail Tycoon, which is very much like the original but with new features and exciting new gameplay.

All Roblox Jail Tycoon Codes List

Now you can get all valid and expired Codes for Jail Tycoon. And you can use these codes to earn some rewards.

Roblox Jail Tycoon Codes

Roblox Jail Tycoon Codes (Valid)

  • surpriseringo – Use this code now, you will get free 500 Cash
  • yardtime – Use this code now, you will get free 500 Cash
  • groupwall – Use this code now, you will get free 500 Cash
  • goals – Use this code now, you will get free 500 Cash

Roblox Jail Tycoon Codes (Expired)

  • None

Why Play Roblox Jail Tycoon?

Here’s what I think.

I really like Roblox Jail Tycoon because it adds some great features, especially since it is one of the most anticipated releases in the series. The basic concept behind Roblox games is that you are to build your own prison and then try to defend it from enemy attacks. You can earn money, get gifts from the princess, get gifts from the robin, and much more. It’s just one of those classic video game concepts that never gets old or boring. However, Roblox Jail Tycoon adds a lot of fun features that make this one of the hottest games on Roblox right now.

First off, let’s talk about the redeem codes. You can use these to instantly receive 500 cash and redeem it for any Roblox product of your choice. For example, if you want to get a Roblox Jail Tycoon Codes costume for your avatar, you just have to enter “rocbot_jailty Pharaoh” when prompted on the browser. There are many more specific codes that will give you free stuff, but these ones are the easiest and most effective way to get free rewards using Roblox.

Another great thing about Roblox Jail Tycoon is that there are multiple routes to earning rewards. Since there are so many different websites that offer Roblox products, there’s bound to be a coupon code that you can use to get free rewards. I highly recommend using the Facebook application to search for coupons or use the “search for code” option in the Roblox website. You will most likely get a lot of results, making it easy to find a coupon code for Roblox Jail Tycoon.

How To Get Rewards in Jail Tycoon

In addition to getting free rewards, you will also be able to purchase Roblox items through iTunes or the Roblox website. This is a cool feature, especially if you want to expand your jail games collection. If you don’t like Roboquox games, don’t worry, because you can find other ones to play. The reason why you have to purchase Roblox Jail Tycoon through iTunes is that Apple hasn’t developed an application for this yet. Roblox Jail Tycoon and all of its other jail codes can only be redeemed at iTunes.

Roblox also offers a special promotion that runs through October 3rd, which is the release of their next big game: Roblox Super Boxing. If you like the idea of playing this boxing game without having to worry about your friends, then now is the time to get free Roblox jail tycoon codes! Just go to iTunes, select the “Robby Box” app, click “Check For Free”, and you will be able to download the special October 3rd offer for free.

The Roblox jail tycoon codes are all region-specific, so you’ll need to search for them among the Apple iTunes directory. This way, you will have the most opportunities to get the codes you want. But before you download any of them, you should know that these codes are mostly targeted at the English versions of iOS devices. Roblox recommends that you use the official English version of the game to be on the safe side.


Roblox Jail Tycoon is a fun game, so don’t let anything stop you from enjoying it. Plus, you should know that there are rare chances that you will get a jail tycoon reward code and not a cash reward. However, if you don’t care about getting rewards, then you can just redeem this code and get 500 cash for every one you buy. It’s a totally hassle-free way to make sure you have as much fun as possible.

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