Vampire: The Masquerade Game Review

Vampire: The Masquerade is a dating simulation video game based on the works of famous Vampire stories. It has been developed by MTV Games and is published by Big Fish. The vampire series originated in the pulp magazine Vampire and the Tower of London. Here, you play as one of the many characters aiding the protagonist in combating the vampires in London.

In the game, you start off as a lowly apprentice under the guidance of master vampire Dr. Abraham van Helsing. His strict rules and instructions are to help you find a cure for vampire flu and train you into a vampire killing machine. You can choose to be a human or a vampire. You will also have access to a vast variety of weapons and skills. However, skills are usually only unlocked after unlocking certain areas of the city.

Vampire: The Masquerade Game Review

As you progress through the game, you’ll meet more interesting people. There are several vampire families with their own unique set of Vampire residents. Each family has a set of unique attributes including the type of clothing that you must wear, the kind of food you must eat, and the kind of magic they can use. Aside from this, each resident also has a unique set of skills that you can unlock as you progress through the game.

Vampire: The Masquerade has a simple point and click control system. The graphics are fairly good although a little basic. There’s also a menu option but it isn’t very user friendly. Unfortunately, there is no option for changing your gender in this game. So, if you want to play a female vampire, you’re stuck with being a male. Although you can select several different hairstyles, you cannot change your gender.

Although Vampire: The Masquerade looks like an old PC game, it runs smoothly on modern computers. The game is available for free on many download websites. You can also buy a physical copy at a supermarket or a video rental shop. However, I would not recommend playing the game using a pay service. I also would not recommend watching a film in high definition.

If you like Vampire: The Masquerade and decide later you don’t need the membership anymore, you can cancel your membership anytime. However, you will lose any progress you’ve made during that time. Also, there is no way to undo a decision you’ve made in Vampire: The Masquerade. Any changes you make will be permanent.

Vampire: The Masquerade has a few problems. The game can become boring due to repetitive action scenes. There is also some language problems. Other than those two minor points, Vampire: The Masquerade is otherwise a fun game.

I recommend playing Vampire: The Masquerade if you have a lot of free time and like playing games that are based on classic stories. This story is based on Dracula. The book series is also in the same genre as the movie.

The plot of Vampire: The Masquerade is you are a vampire who has been turned into a monster. You play the role of a pure-blooded vampire who feeds on the blood of humans. Your loyalty is to your master, who is also a vampire. You are also forced to kill other vampires, although you are allowed to live among them if you wish.

This game is for people over the age of thirteen. It’s really dark. People who are sensitive about dark themes should avoid it. I wouldn’t say it’s as scary as the Twilight series, but it’s still very intense.

You start the game as a human virgin. You then transform into a vampire at night. Throughout the game, you find out more about your vampire past. As the game progresses you find out what happened to your family. There is also a whole new cast of characters including a werewolf and a merchant.

Vampire: The Masquerade has a great gameplay system. You will be asked to make decisions and work through problems by interacting with the environment. The game is very interesting and offers lots of puzzle solving. You will also be able to take up jobs to buy equipment and weapons. Vampire: The Masquerade also has a great visual display, although some people may find the action to be unrealistic.

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